How do I use the HubSpot LINE App?

Updated: June 11, 2019

By using HubSpot LINE App, you can integrate your HubSpot portal with LINE Official Account and deliver your communications via the platform your customers actively use every day.

In this document, we will explain from "how to install the app" to "how to use it".


We assume that you already have the following HubSpot subscription before installing this app.

In the case you don't have LINE Official Account, please create it at this page.

If you have any questions, please let us know via the chat window on the lower right of this page.

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Installing the app

The first step is getting the install link of the app from the product page. Please apply a free trial via the form. We will send you an email which contains the install link of the app.


Once you received the email from us, please click the install link on it. You would see the list of your HubSpot portals. Please choose the portal you want to install this app. Then, please give permission to the app.


This app will access to the following data of your HubSpot portal.

  • Users and Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Workflows
  • CRM Extensions
  • Timeline Events

After granting access rights, the app will be installed into the portal you choose. Then, you will be transferred to the setting page of the HubSpot LINE App.


On the setting page, you will need to register some information to connect your LINE Official Account and your HubSpot portal. After that, you will obtain a QR code of the LINE Login so that you can distribute it to your customers.

You can log in to this setting page from the following URL at anytime.

To log in to the setting page, please use the "Email Address" of the user who installed the app and "HubSpot Portal ID (Hub ID)" that you installed this app.

Confirm your Installation

After installing the HubSpot LINE app, the following five properties are added to the contact object.

  • LINE User ID
  • LINE User Name
  • LINE User Image
  • LINE ID Sync Date
  • LINE Unanswered
  • The message of LINE Unanswered


Also, the "Push LINE messages" action is added to the "Workflow" tool of your portal. By using this action, you can push LINE messages to the contacts in the specific segments.


Lastly, the "LINE" card is added to the contact page. You can start 1: 1 LINE chat from there.


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Connecting LINE Official Account

Before using the app, you need to connect your LINE Official Account. Please set it up with the following instructions.

If you haven't created the LINE official account yet, please do that at this page.

1. Enable Messaging API

First, you need to enable "Messaging API" of you LINE Official Account. Go to the setting page of your account, then click "Messaging API" menu.


Next, please create the provider given your favorite name.


You can skip the registration for URL of "Privacy Policy" and "Term of Use" if you don't have appropriate pages. Once succeed the creation, the status will be "Enabled".


2. Setting of Messaging API Channel

Let's log into LINE Developers site, you will see the list of providers. Let's configure the settings of Messaging API channel which created by the previous step.



2-a) Channel access token (long-lived)

Please issue "Access Token (Long Term)" and the register the value of it to the HubSpot LINE app settings.



2-b) Webhook URL

Register the "Webhook URL" issued on setting page of the HubSpot LINE app to the Messaging API channel.

line-app-image line-app-image

You can check the connection from the "Verify" button after registering it.

2-c) Use webhooks

Please select "Use" in "Use webhooks" on the setting page of Messaging API Channel.


2-d) Auto-reply messages

Please select "do not use".

2-e) Greeting messages

This setting is optional. If you would like to use the HubSpot workflow tool to send a "Greeting messages", please select "Do not use".

2-f) Add LIFF app

This setting is optional. You can add this later.

By using the LIFF app, you can force LINE login to be performed in the LINE app browser. If not via the LIFF app, the automatic login function at LINE login does not work properly in a cetain situation. (in this case, the user needs to enter an email address and password on the login screen).

Click the "Create a new LIFF App." button in the "LIFF" tab screen of the LINE Messaging API channel settings to open the creation dialog.


Set the "LIFF Endpoint URL" value described in the HubSpot LINE app settings screen to the "Endpoint URL" item in the creation dialog.


Set any value in "Name" field and "Full" in "Size" field. Also, please stay the value of "BLE feature" as default "OFF".

Finally, please register the "LIFF URL" value issued in the "LIFF URL" item of the HubSpot LINE app settings.



With this setting, the QR code will be issued for the LINE login using the LIFF application.

The settings of connecting the LINE Messaging API channel are now complete.

3. Connection with LINE Login

You don't need this step if you want to use LINE ID which you obtained by another method.

Next, we will configure the "LINE Login" channel of your LINE Official Account. Please create the "LINE Login" channel in your provider.




3-a) "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret"

Let's copy the value of "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret" issued in "LINE Login" channel. Then, paste them to the "Channel ID" and "Channel Secret" of HubSpot LINE app settings. After this registration, the LINE Login URL and the QR code will be issued.


If "2-f) Add LIFF app" is configured, a LINE Login URL that uses the LIFF app will be issued in addition to the normal LINE Login URL. In this case, the QR code is directed to the LINE Login URL using the LIFF app.

Now, you can distribute the URL or QR code to LINE users to link your HubSpot portal. You can download the image file of the QR code from the "Download" button.

3-b) URL after LINE Login

You can show your favorite page after a LINE user logged in via the link. Please register the desired URL in the "URL after LINE Login" field of the HubSpot LINE app settings.

By registering LINE URL scheme (See below example) in the "Page after LINE Login" field, you can start at 1:1 chat immediately. It is a helpful way to engage users so please use it.

Example) line://ti/p/@abcdefgh

You can confirm the LINE ID of the account in the management console of your LINE Official Account. Please include the @ at the beginning of the LINE ID.


3-c) Callback URL

Add the "Callback URL" value issued on the HubSpot LINE app settings to the "Callback URL" under the "App Settings" tab of the "LINE Login" channel.


3-d) Bot linked to this channel

Select the Messaging API channel created in "1. Enable Messaging API". This will prompt a user to add your channel as a friend when logging in.


3-e) Submission for email permission

We need to provide the screenshot of the description to get email addresses of LINE users. Please open the URL of "LINE Login sample page" in the HubSpot LINE app settings and take the screenshot. You can use the taken image for submission.


3-f) Publish LINE Login

Finally, you need to publish the LINE Login channel.


The settings of connecting with the LINE Login channel is now completed!

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ID Integration between LINE users and HubSpot contacts

When a user accesses the URL (or QR code) issued on the HubSpot LINE app settings, the LINE Login page will be displayed. A user will grant access to their profile information on this screen.


After logging in, a user will be prompted to add LINE Official Account as a friend. (The bot set in "Bot linked to this channel" is displayed)


After completion, a user will be transferred to the page set in "Page after LINE Login" in HubSpot LINE app settings.


Behind the scenes, we're linking a LINE user with your HubSpot portal contact. Based on the email address of the LINE user, add a LINE user information if contact with the same email address already exists, or create a new contact if it does not exist.

The information added by integration can be checked in the contact properties.


If a user does not have an email address, we will create a new HubSpot contact using a dummy email address ({LINE user ID}

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Segment and push LINE messages

Now, You can send messages to LINE users from the HubSpot "Workflow" tool. Please use the "Push LINE message" action of contact workflows.

In the setting screen, you need to choose "LINE User ID" property in the "LINE user ID" field on the top. Then please register the message you want to deliver in the "Message" column. Up to 5 messages can be set.


Messages can be delivered in a variety of formats, including stamps, images, videos, and buttons, as well as text. If you want to deliver non-text messages, please set the data in JSON format. You can also use contact tokens for creating a message.


Below is a sample JSON configuration for delivering stamps.

    "type": "sticker",
    "packageId": "1",
    "stickerId": "2"

Please refer to the LINE developer document for details of JSON configuration.

LINE Developers Document

Once the message is delivered, those messages are recorded to the contact's timeline.


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One to One Communication

Not only pushing messages in workflows but also you can start 1:1 LINE chat in the detail page of the contact.

When a LINE user sent a message to the channel, the task will be assigned to the contact owner and they get a notification of it.


The notification and task creation is not happened if the contact owner is not set in the contact.

You can start 1:1 chat from the "LINE" card on the contact page. Please click the "LINE chat" button on the card to open a dialog if you want to start 1:1 chat.



If you send a message while the recipient is offline, a user will receive a push notification of the LINE app.

After the 1:1 chat, the conversation will be recorded in the contact's timeline. As a result, you can share past communications with your team.


In addition, you can create a list of contacts using past communication. Please use it for the segmentation.


This is the basic usage of the HubSpot LINE app.

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2. When I try to activate Messaging API with the existing account of LINE@, I get a warning that "1: 1 Talk can not be used and I can't undo." Will my friends even disappear when enabled?

Your friends will not disappear, but there are the following disadvantages when switching the plan of your existing LINE@ account.

  • The "1: 1 Talk function" can not be used on the LINE@ administration screen. Also, the conversation history is deleted.
  • After activating the Messaging API, you can not revert (and you can not downgrade the subscription plan).
  • To send a message to a friend before activating the Messaging API, you need to login to LINE.

Therefore, if possible, I would like to create a new LINE@ account and ask existing friends to move.

2. Is there a possibility that the system will stop due to a failure?

We are monitoring the life of the application by program. If there is any problem, we will send Slack notification to the operation team and take recovery action as soon as possible.


3. What kind of data does the app hold for customers?

We do not hold any personal information (e-mail address, URL of profile image, etc.). Only the system information required for linkage is kept on the server.

4. Where is the app server located?

The server used by the app is installed in Japan.

5. Can I use the LINE User IDs we've already obtained from a different method?

Yes, you can. Please set the value of the LINE User ID into the "LINE User ID" property of the contact. Then, you will be able to send LINE messages in Workflow tool and have a LINE chat in the contact detail.


Also, please set the value of LINE user name and profile photo URL if necessary. You can import those data in a bulk using CSV file.

FYI, it should be sufficient to set up "2. Setting of Messaging API Channel" if you don't use our functionality to collect LINE users ID.

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